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Advanced Wound Care

Wounds of the lower extremity (foot, ankle, leg) are a leading cause of amputations worldwide. Treatment of such wounds must be aggressive and rapid. The most successful treatment occurs when the patient is treated by a multi-disciplinary team approach. This team approach should include podiatrists trained in the treatment of complex wounds, vascular surgeons, orthotists/prosthetists, diabetic nurse educators, and specialized wound nurses, all working closely together with the patient’s primary care provider.

This is the exact model that we employ at Columbus Foot and Ankle Clinic. Patients are initially seen by our highly trained and experienced podiatric physicians for an initial assessment and treatment plan development. For less complex wounds, care can be provided at our office locations. For more highly complex wounds, we personally care for our patients at the Columbus Regional Health Wound Center. There, advanced, highly specialized treatment modalities not available in a standard office setting are utilized using the team approach described above.  Treatment there can include a number of highly aggressive treatment modalities, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Dr. John Hladik, DPM, CWS, RN is the co-medical director of the Advanced Wound Center and is the only Certified Wound Specialist on the medical staff at Columbus Regional Hospital. He has been directly involved in the outpatient and inpatient wound care program for over 10 years.

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